Listed Below Are just a Few of the Historical Pictures of Morrell Siding in my Possession. Morrell Siding also know as "Ranger Settlement".

Ranger Settlement, a settlement above Aroostock and crossing the Saint John, claiming both sides of the River as far up as Rapid-de-Femme was principally settled by a regiment of disbanded solders, know as the West Indian Rangers, who were given land , machinery, and provisions for three years. They were of mixed origin, English, Scotch and Irish. The Settlement was established between 1830 and 1840 and given the name Ranger.

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  1. Uncle George Morrell with his Daughter Daisy & Grand Daughter LuLu. The man with his arms around LuLu is Daisy's husband, Jack Watson. The baby is probably Donald. (Possible Billy (William) Morrell siting in the corner)
  2. Uncle William Henry(Bill Hen) & Grandfather George Macro showing off their pumpkins in 1932, grown by Bill Hen's outer Office.
  3. Helen D. (Morrell) Whitman Mother of George Whitman. Helen was the daughter of Oliver & Mildred Morrell pictured below in their arms.
  4. Gram Issetta Morrell & Aunt Rachel Sullivan.
  5. My Dear Aunt Ella Morrell taken on her 90th birthday, 1994.
  6. Patrica Morrell and Joyce Goodine wearing thier Graduation Dresses that Pauline Goodine made 1952.
  7. Uncle William Henry Morrell, Gram Ada Macro and Aunt Hilda Macro(Currie)
  8. Grampie George Macro with Mother Mabel Macro(Morrell)and horse named Doll 1928, digging a basement.
  9. Uncle Raymond Morrell, Father Bernard Morrell, Neighbors Willie Goodine and Eveleigh Goodine 1928/29.
  10. Uncle Raymond (Derg) Morrell with his horse Dude 1934.
  11. Aunt Ellen (Baker)Watson, Grammie Morrell's Sister.
  12. Oliver Morrell and his wife Mildred holding Daughter Helen, 1927.
  13. Uncle Myles Morrell
  14. Aunt Mabel Alice Morrell, May Swazey and Father Bernard Morrell.
  15. Morrell Siding School Picture taken 1950, yes I am in this picture WHERE?
  16. Morrell Siding School Picture taken 1955, no I am not in this picture.
  17. Uncle Billy Morrell with horse Trixey on Barnie's Ferry, 1933.
  18. Uncle William (Bill Hen) Morrell and crew Pressing Hay.
  19. Glenna (Morrell) Hitchcock with sons Gary and Ronnie, 1960.
  20. Doug Goodine, Colley Morrell and Grampie George Macro, 1935.
  21. Alton Morrell, Sister Patricia Morrell, Si Betty, Si Glenna, Si Wanda, Si Dawn, Cousin Richard, Cu Margaret Morrell.
  22. Uncle James Morrell with Uncle George Morrell and a member of his family.
  23. My sister Glenna Morrell standing by Clem Hanscom's car taken 1952. Glenna's age 15.
  24. Uncle Raymond (Derg) Morrell with his team and long sled with all the kids in Morrell Siding.
  25. Uncle Erlen Morrell, Uncle Myles Morrell and Earnest Johston after spending the winter in a Lumber Camp, 1914.

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